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Alliance Car Show
'Thunder on the Prairie', Alliance NE.
June 3-5, 2005
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!!!.....The Runkle's!
Members who attended the
Alliance Car Show:

The McDonald's, The Marshall's,
The Runkle's, The Kellner's,
The Horton's, The Yate's
Stucky, Kathy
Hello all
This 3-day Event/Show turned out to be very rewarding and fun trip for all the members. 
Friday, the weather was great for the "Meet & Greet" at the Alliance Park, and we met a lot of really nice people.  The Dinner they had for everyone was also great!   Saturday
,... well lets just say it was cloudy, rainy, and a bit cold all day long.  However, we managed to get the Nova's in there anyway and parked.  Dave & Marilyn Kellner brought out their EZ-Up Canopy for all of us, which was great!.  It was still a bit too cold to stay out for too long, but at least we had a place out of the rain.   Sunday was the poker run & the awards, and the weather was starting to cooperate and much nicer.   The Runkle's won 2 Plaques, one for being the favorite car of the president of the 385 Cruiser's who put on the show, and the other award for their class.  CONGRATULATIONS Jim & Pat!!!
Please Note:  I was not at the Show/Event, so I'm sure some of these photo's may not be in the right sequence, so please bear with me
,....Sit back.....Cruise the photo's........AND ENJOY!!!.........Dan
Had to make a few adjustments along the way......

But he had LOTS of help!
Finally made it.....

Now it was time to clean 'er up from
the trip!
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