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Country Buffet
J.W. Brewer Tour
Nov. 11, 2005
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at the Breakfast & Tour

The Runkle's
The Kellner's
The Horton's
The Ellingers
Ron VanNatten
Kathy Burton
Ok folks!.......Here he is!
Jeff Gordon Jr.
 Actually its Keith Horton, who is
a great fan of Jeff Gordon
He looks pretty cool huh
We had a great Breakfast at the Country Buffet,
 then it was on to the J.W. Brewer Tour!
J.W Brewers Cadillac Collection.....
Lots of Cars!  All with interesting history on each one.  They all have their license plates updated and ready to go for a drive!  He said that he drives all of them.
What a Collection!!!
In Mr. Brewer's Collection he has of course his Cadillac's, but also
some Porche's, and a couple of GMC and Chevy Pickups.  His favorite
seemed to be the 1956 300's that he had
,... beautiful cars!
He also had this great Train Set all
set up and running!  Which kept
Keith Horton intrigued for awhile,
as well as some of our club
All in all, it was an excellent outing,
great Breakfast and a wonderful
tour of J.W. Brewer's Car Collection.
THANK YOU Mr. Brewer for the tour!
And sharing your time with the
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