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Pegasus & McDonalds

Oct. 1, 2005
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Members who attended the

The McDonald's
The Marshall's
The Bill's
The Pattison's
The Ellinger's
The Kellner's
The Horton's
The Rudiak's
Our trip starts out meeting in Castle Rock for Breakfast at a great little restaurant,
then we head down to Rich and Sandy McDonald's, in Pueblo West.
The Bill's brought their trailer to stay in, and the McDonalds have an Air Stream
Trailer, boat, and Camper + 3 rooms for all of us to stay in overnight
!  Only a few
did.  They have a big BBQ for all of us, then we drive to Canon City and take the
Skyline Drive.  We got some GREAT pictures
.......sit back,...cruise the pictures,...and ENJOY!!!
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